Our Story

We are a family owned and operated business. We have been using CBD as a family for well over 4 years now. The benefits our family saw while using CBD with different health issues were amazing! We as a family have always been the helping type. Once we found and saw the benefits from CBD, we started doing heavy research and decided as a family that we needed to help educate and spread the word about it. We went and took tours of some manufactures to see how CBD was made and developed, we then sent my sister Candice and my mother Lindy to not only online classes but several other educational classes to get more information and to get as highly educated about CBD as possible.


         It is important to us that everyone understands the product they are selling no matter what it is. When selling CBD it can be very tricky. We gather as much knowledge about CBD as possible to best serve our customer. We want to make sure the information we are relaying is accurate and from a reputable source. After we built a knowledge base, we then educate our staff on CBD and hemp. Our goal is to make sure our team will be able to handle frequently asked questions and understand the product. We believe if you have a well-educated and trained staff they will be able to help the customer benefit more from CBD because they will know what products work best for certain things as well as help those customers who are on the fence about CBD understand it and feel comfortable with using it. We have an unbelievable amount of passion when it comes to CBD as it has changed the lives of our family, friends, and tons of customers.

​Hemp/CBD is an extraordinarily innovative product, that has been changing lives. Our main goal is to help the public get the best education as possible and to be able to deliver the customer with the top products on the market, along with having something for everyone! 

The Hornaday family has been apart of the hemp industry for years. After seeing all the benefits and having our own personal testimonies we decided to spread the word about hemp. We treat every employee and customer with the family mentality. We strive to educate and help as many people that we can with the power of hemp.

Our Purpose

Inspiring HOPE And Restoring HAPPINESS Healing Your Mind. Your Body. Your Spirit. Paving The Way For Your State Of Well-Being. We Shed Light On Possibilities.

There’s Always An Alternative.

Our Vision

Bringing Our customers Hope And Healing Through The Use Of Natural Products Providing Alternative Treatment Options.

Our Mission

Offering customers A Safe, Effective Alternative To Prescription Painkillers, Other Toxic Prescription And Over-The-Counter Drugs That Contain Harsh Chemical Compounds Alien To Nature’s Perfect Remedies.