Poison Sumac


Robert is another one of our customers who have found success with hemp products! Several months ago, Robert was diagnosed with a VERY aggressive case of Poison Sumac (think of it like poison ivy on steroids) that covered a large portion of his back, both legs, and his entire forearm. When he came to see us, he had been to see several dermatologists, tried several medications (with no luck) and was desperate for any relief he could find. We hooked him up with some Revive by FeelTheReAction and he noticed relief quickly! He came back in and his poison sumac was GONE! We're honored to have been able to serve him, and hope that if you are at your wits end, we can be of service!





Arin has been a regular of ours who has struggled with Chron's disease for as long as he can remember. Tired of dealing with the pain, stress, and fatigue that comes with a 24/7 battle, Arin decided to give CBD a shot. While the disease itself is incurable, Arin says life has been much more manageable since he started using hemp! Most of all, he wanted to share his story to give others the hope and strength they need to advocate for themselves and their quality of life.



Anxiety, Scoliosis & Acne 


Viktoria randomly started experiencing shortness of breath and panic attacks over nothing. She decided to go to the doctor, and her case was so sever they could not figure out a diagnosis. After x-rays, inhalers, and diets not working, she received a call and the doctor diagnosing her with anxiety. They gave her a prescription for Xanax. Her family strongly disagreed and suggested CBD oil. She started taking Koi and received tremendous relief. She has now switched to Arch and ReAction. She has had NO anxiety, no pain caused from the scoliosis and noticed her acne reducing. She now takes her oil everyday along with using a topical for her acne. "I can't live with out it"-Viktoria 

Anxiety & Pain 


Scott is another one of our VIP's who has felt the powers of hemp. From aches and pains in his hands, to the stress and anxiety that's part of being human, Scott is a gentle giant who had the courage to seek out the relief he deserves. Scott Struggled with these issues for years and could never find relief until he found CBD. Thank you for your support and for sharing your story!





Beau is another one of our regulars who has firsthand experience with the powers of plant-based health. Beau has always struggled with anxiety and could never find relief. Now Beau has opened up and decided to share about these amazing products that have changed his life. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your journey!!!



Anxiety & Depression 


Josh has always seen CBD’s benefits and knew that it  helped a lot of people. But Josh put CBD to the test. Recently Josh has been put under extreme stress and started having extreme anxiety and depression. He came to us and needed a quick relief. Josh had such great relief he came back to the store to thank us and get more CBD. Thank you Josh, glad we could help you!



Anxiety, Sleep, & Pain


This is Paulette, she has been a loyal customer of ours for a very long time and decided she wanted to share her testimony. Paulette use to struggle with a lot of anxiety and stress issues which then started to impact her sleeping schedule. Paulette decided to give CBD a shot. After everything was said and done she decided to try out Arch CBD oil. She found great relief with using Arch. But recently she fell down the stairs are damaged her shoulder. After not being able to lift her arm, she reached out to us again. She ended up buying our Myaderm pain cream. After applying it in the store she was able to lift her arm by the time she left. Thank you Paulette for your testimony, glad we could help you.



Anxiety & Sleep


Melissa has been struggling with stress and anxiety due to work and daily life stress. Her stress and anxiety got to the point to where she started to struggle with sleeping. Lack of sleep started affecting her day to day life. She has now found great relief from her anxiety and insomnia using the Just CBD Gummy Rings.





This is Mabel, she has a 13 year old Australian Shepherd named Duke. Duke started showing a lot of signs that he was in pain, and he got to the point where he was not able to get up. Mabel took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and was prescribed pain medications that did not help him. Mabel came to us as a last resort and bought some Honest Paws level 2 tincture oil. Duke has shown huge improvement and now gets up by himself and even plays on the farm with his sister. 



Smashed Heel 


This is Michelle! Michelle was at work unloading a truck and ended up crushing her heel between two railroad ties. She came to us in desperation because she could not even put pressure on her foot, even walking with a cane was a struggle. We sent her home with a sample of Myaderm pain cream and she applied it around 6pm. She immediately noticed less pain in her foot and she said by 12 she was fully walking with no pain. That morning she woke up and felt tremendously better, she came by with no cane and was able to walk in. She was shocked that Myaderm, what she calls “witchcraft” worked so well and she wanted to share her testimony!





Nikki and her husband Troy are, quite frankly, one of the most humbling testimonials I've had the pleasure of experiencing. Nikki suffers from severe pain and inflammation due to a degenerative disc disease. Because of this, Nikki had been robbed of many of life's pleasures. Something as simple as walking the pups around the block had become unmanageable, and she had become dependant upon a cane for even short travels. However, through a combination of flower, tincture, and moon rocks, Nikki has found extreme relief and increased mobility! Again, we are truly humbled to have met you Nikki, and we are proud of your testimony that will hopefully guide others in the struggle to relief of their own 





This is Craig, today was his 3rd time coming in and shared with use his incredible testimony. Craig has been struggling with severe anxiety issues. He has been taking 2 anxiety medications that haven’t worked for him. His anxiety got to the point to where he would wake up having an anxiety attack and it would not go away until he would go to bed. He came to us as a last resort. After explaining the different delivery methods of CBD, Craig decided to go with CBD flower. He said he had a great relief from the flower. After a week on the flower, he’s now off all his anxiety medication and has had NO anxiety! Thank you Craig for your testimony!



IGA Deficiency, Anxiety, & Depression 


This is Cameron! He was struggling with bad anxiety and depression issues that started to effect his daily life. His anxiety and depression would get so bad that his stomach would start to hurt and feel sick. He started using Arch CBD oil and it helped him tremendously. He was in shock how well it worked, so he switched over from Arch to ReAction CBD oil for his immune system. His IGA Deficiency makes it easier for him to get sick and stay sick longer. He usually gets sick frequently through out the year. Since he started using CBD he has not gotten sick and the only change he made was taking ReAction CBD.