Vaping CBD is a great way to get fast relief because it’s the fastest absorption rate. There are different types of CBD vapes. There are cartridges, disposables, and oils. CBD vapes are are terpene infused which give them different benefits and also determine if they are sativa, hybrid, or indica dominate. 

Koi Isolate

Sold in 250mg, 500mg & 1000mg

Sold in 6 different flavors 

Funky Farms Cartridge


Sold in 3 different strains 

Funky Farm Cartridge


Sold in 5 different strains 

ARCH Isolate

Sold in 250mg, 500mg & 1000mg

Sold in 3 different flavors 

Funky Farms Disposable Pen


Sold in 3 different strains 

Koi Cartridge

Sold in 250mg & 500mg

Sold in 1 flavors 

Pinnacle Disposable Pen


Sold in 3 different strains 

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